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Builder-Designer Jan van Dijs’ Favorite Homes

Jan van Dijs a developer and builder who’s designed and preserved some of the city’s most beautiful buildings...


Adaptive Use Project Breathes New Life into Long Beach | Long Beach Business Journal 11.6.18

All of the buildings have architectural attributes that are worth preserving,” van Dijs said. “I think this is one of the things that almost anybody can agree on: it is a good thing to reuse old buildings and to do it in a smart, creative way.
Jan van Dijs at Jan van Dijs Construction Management will be responsible for the build-out and ensuring the renovation remains true to the client’s needs and vision.
This has never been done before—anywhere,” Ferraro said. “So we had to work the City Attorney in drafting what will be the guidelines for the project—truly a collaboration that is largely thanks to Councilmember Lena Gonzalez, Studio One Eleven, and Jan Van Dijs…
...Under The Sun hopes to not only cater to existing vegans but garner a new following—and given their wonderfully designed space (which echoes Berlin Bistro thanks to the work of Jan Van Dijs) ...
Developer Kurt Schneiter worked with Jan Van Dijs and Gary Lamb to design the much-anticipated 14,000-square-foot facility, which incorporates aspects of architect Kenneth Smith Wing’s original midcentury building — including its exposed beam ceilings.
Jan Van Dijs and Gary Lamb took great care in bringing Wing’s design to another level.
The idea behind the project was to have an office building that really responded to the way that people wanted to work.
The Edison’s history began in 1959, when it opened as an office building near the crossing of Long Beach Boulevard and First Street. The building is among the many contributions of renowned Long Beach architect Kenneth Wing... The Edison’s restoration provides for a continued presence for his work in the city’s core.
I like adaptive reuse from a very practical standpoint. From an urban standpoint, I like that old buildings provide a texture and a structure to a city and give it some integrity and a degree of character.

Future Plans for Douglas Park  |  Long Beach Business Journal 2.15.16

Douglas Park’s highly desirable location adjacent to the Long Beach Airport as well as the freeway and the port, coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that have been created, is a really unique workplace opportunity.
Noted Long Beach contractor and restoration expert Jan Van Dijs will be presented with Long Beach Heritage’s Preservationist of the Year award
Van Dijs is being honored as Preservationist of the Year, highlighting a long career in maintaining and restoring some of Long Beach’s most treasured structures.
We are looking to create a healthy environment that we can all share,” van Dijs has said. “We want to improve the area, and we think we have designed something that will compliment the neighborhood… When we looked at this derelict building, we wanted to find the very best solution.
“In 1905, Dr. William C. Price of Tennessee blew into town to build the four-story brick building to house his Psychic Temple for the Society of New or Practical Psychology.”
When the front of the building was first complete around March of 2014, van Dijs worried that the impeccable facade was too perfect.

It came out so beautiful that I was worried that people wouldn’t think it was a true restoration,” van Dijs said. But it is exact—we even have the pictures to prove it.
The famed building sitting between 1st & Broadway at Long Beach Blvd. was built in 1959 and designed by Kenneth Wing’s firm, under the design of then-budding architect and mid-mod master Edward Killingsworth.


East Village Tower's Upgraded Look Makes a Royal Splash  |  OC Register 1.31.14

"Workers have begun spiffing up the structure with a bold new look that rocks its midcentury roots."

Yellow 108, Beachwood, and Other Long Beach Businesses to Transform Downtown Corner  |  LBPost 5.30.14

...a building from 1910 that was originally apartments, Lauren speaks with excitement: “As we started sandblasting the front, all this beautiful brick was revealed—and it was yellow. It’s like it was serendipitous.

Moving a 107-Year-Old Long Beach Landmark  

Turn the depot into the Willow Springs Park community center, overlooking what will eventually be an entirely restored wetlands, and connecting it to Long Beach’s transit history by placing it near the former Union Pacific Railroad line.


Long Beach City Hall East to Become Urban Lofts

"The Edison, a boutique apartment and mixed-use community, will replace the long-vacant City Hall East after years of failed attempts to sell the property."

IN PICTURES: In Between Past and Future in the Psychic Temple Building

Right now, [the building] is a physical manifestation of Long Beach’s changing facade,” said van Dijs. “There’s an element of history and an element of the future.


Century-old Psychic Temple Coming Back to Life in Long Beach

"The Romanesque Revival-style brick building was completed in 1905 by former Baptist preacher W.R. Price, founder of a doctrine he called the New or Practical Psychology. It’s motto was “Health and happiness for all.”

Building with Colorful History Gets Bright Future

"Designated a historic landmark in 1989, it could not simply be torn down as its neighboring structures were."

Long Beach's Psychic Temple to Get New Life

"Built in 1905, the Psychic Temple has a colorful history and is a historic landmark. "

InterTrend To Move Headquarters into Former RDA Property

"The building was constructed in 1905 by The Holy Kiss Society to be the first “Psychic Temple,” a place for the so-called religious cult to practice “New and Practical Psychology.”

Helping the Arts Building Shine Again

"Originally built in 1930 for The Long Beach Sun, a local newspaper which was later acquired by the Press-Telegram, the Arts Building has seen its use evolve as industries and markets have ebbed and flowed."

36 Hours: Long Beach, Calif.

"After an elegant renovation, a former 1920s-era furniture store has become the cultural heart of the emerging East Village Arts District. The 8,000-square-foot building, with exposed beams and original wood floors, is the new home of Fingerprints."

Walk in the Parklet

"Dining furniture, bright planters and greenery bedeck Lola's Mexican Cuisine's new parklet, the first such space in Long Beach and Southern California."

3 Long Beach Restaurants to Develop 'Parklets'

"This month, Lola's will have the first active "parklet" in Southern California, a pilot program that expands seating and greenery in front of the restaurant."


4th + Linden

"The primary project goal is to attract unique businesses, retailers and customers to downtown. It also aims to improve public safety and property values in the neighborhood, and to be an economically-efficient model redevelopment for the City, demonstrating the benefits of adaptive re-use, sustainable building and community driven development."

Studio One-Eleven Births a Renaissance

"A mixture of public seed money, infrastructure improvements, private investment and an innovative approach to redevelopment in the past year has transformed this small corridor on the northern section of the East Village Arts District."


Second Time is a Charm

"More to the point, adaptive reuse is greener than any new sustainable building; and with the public clamoring for authenticity and governments handing out tax breaks and plan expediting, it makes significant financial sense, too."